Polymer and Composite Consulting and Contract Research

Bicerano & Associates Consulting, Inc. (B&A) is a professional service firm specializing in the science and technology of polymers (thermoplastics, rubbers/elastomers, thermosets) and composites. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to startup firms operating with venture capital funding to individual inventors. Our mission is to serve as a comprehensive Solution Provider for your product and process technology challenges. Through our commitment, experience and expertise, B&A is establishing business relationships that will last a lifetime.

Please see the page summarizing all of our focused and cost-effective services for an overview of our offerings. Alternatively, you can visit the following pages directly for a complete description of any service that may be of special interest:

Our ability to provide effective solutions to your problems over a broad technology space is founded upon our depth of understanding of materials science and engineering combined with this wealth of experience. Our special strength is in understanding, predicting and measuring formulation-structure-processing-morphology-property-performance relationships and in the practical product and process implications of these complex relationships. Through our strategic partnerships and extensive network of professional contacts, we also serve as your gateway to a vast range of additional services and products, to ensure that we can address all aspects of our clients' problems by bringing in the necessary tools and expertise for their solution.

Please contact us to explore how we may meet your needs. The first consultation session is always provided free of charge.

Call Bicerano & Associates Consulting, Inc. at (912) 235-2238
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