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We provide consulting expert services in patent infringement and product liability lawsuits. Our clients can depend on our knowledge of the subtleties and complexities of polymer and composite materials and of related chemical technology to serve them well in adversarial situations. In working with us, you will receive the quality of services that you require and deserve from professionals who care about your specific needs and who have the ability to address these needs successfully.

While the knowledge, expertise, and reputation of an expert witness are paramount to success, additional resources are often essential to help the expert witness formulate scientifically valid, quantitative and irrefutable arguments. Many legal issues involving the structure and performance of materials can only be resolved by using material testing and characterization tools to make measurements on actual specimens and obtain experimental data. For example, is the composition of a material within the range protected by an active patent? Why did a critical component fail and cause an accident? It is crucial for the expert witness to have “hard data” to back up any arguments regarding such questions. Our access to ISO-9001 certified analytical laboratory facilities and expertise (as well as to add more specialized laboratory resources) ensures that we can back up our hypotheses and arguments with "hard data" of the highest reliability.

Please contact us to discuss your consulting expert needs. The first consultation session is always provided free of charge.

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